Information for applicants

What are the most important soft skills for working at Foster + Partners?

Good communication is paramount to the success of all Foster + Partners projects.

Emotional Intelligence
In the same vein as good effective communication, the ability to reasonably manage your emotions as an architect will ensure better relationships with your clients, team members and has a positive effect on your sense of professional confidence and , motivation to work and ability to achieve results.

Problem Solving
Being an effective problem solver and possessing developed critical thinking skills.

Being good at collaboration and teamwork is essential to your role. Finding a common ground with your team, clients, contractors will be essential. Foster + Partners breathes a culture that brings everyone around the table to common agreement.

Time Management
All aspects of architecture projects are time-based, this is why time management is such an essential skill. Time management should not only involve the speed at which tasks are delivered but also covers the accuracy.

Inclusion and Equity
At Foster + Partners, we have an international and diverse client base and workforce. Behaving respectfully, equitably, and inclusively is therefore key to our values and good practice aspirations.

What Benefits does Foster + Partners offer?

We offer a world class range of benefits to support our staff, from financial to family friendly benefits, health, well-being and fitness, professional and personal development opportunities - we have a benefit to suit everyone. In line with our inclusivity policy, Foster + Partners' benefits package is designed to appeal to everyone’s personal situation and preferences.

How do you support personal and/or professional growth of employees?

Our award-winning team covers all aspects of professional and personal growth. We offer three tracks of development that includes formal education and certification programmes, role specific training and personal skills that underpin our core behavioural competencies. Learning is embraced and part of campus life.

How do we support employees with disabilities

Through the Equality Act 2010’s ‘reasonable adjustments’ duty we are committed to supporting potential and actual disabled employees during the recruitment process and employment as needed.

Is there the opportunity to work internationally?

With offices across the globe and multiple international projects, we have many opportunities across the world with projects in locations as diverse as our people. We understand that mobility challenges the way you experience the world. It opens your eyes, it builds understanding and it unites us. Multicultural thinking, diverse teaming are at the heart of our ethos therefore what we offer is an opportunity for you to learn, to lead, to innovate, to grow through our global mobility packages.

Do you offer successful candidates with work visas?

We welcome applications from candidates from all locations. Our in-house Global Mobility team are here to support you in your visa applications into the UK or overseas. We thrive on the creativity and innovation that comes from a result of such a diverse and global work force, and therefore our investment in enabling our new employees to navigate the challenges in a new era of visa applications is essential.

Do you offer feedback to unsuccessful candidates?

Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are unable to offer feedback to each individual, however we will do our very best to ensure that candidates that have been interviewed will receive feedback where possible. Our HR Recruitment team work closely with applicants who have been interviewed to ensure they understand the feedback and where possible, any helpful tips for their continued job search.