Designed in response to a competition for ‘Ideas for the City of London: Smart Green Spaces’ set up by The City Centre (TCC), in partnership with the City of London Corporation and Brookfield Property Partners, LOOP is a tactile and easy-to-navigate smartphone app that allows users to create bespoke walking routes that cater to their specific needs and interests. It links the patchwork of squares, gardens, playgrounds, and places of historic interest in the area, providing visitors and people who live and work in the city a new way of navigating the dense urban fabric.

Based on the amount of time each user has, the app matches its ever-increasing library of public spaces with real time information on weather, crowds and events to create an individualised LOOP for every user. In addition to this, the app also features curated, crowdsourced and peer reviewed LOOPs that are based around popular themes such as heritage, popular culture, architecture and sports, making the city’s green spaces more accessible.

LOOP is also a city management tool that provides an evidence-based framework for protecting and improving open spaces, as part of a wider network of data creation and analysis, headed by the City of London. By pooling real time user, environmental, and maintenance data, the app allows decision-makers to understand how people move around the city and utilise public spaces. It provides tangible civic, environmental and economic benefits by promoting a sense of community, sustainable modes of transport and use of green spaces, and creating additional visitor attractions across the city.

Facts + Figures

  • Appointment: 2017