The quality of street furniture is an important indicator of the health of a city. The litter bin can sometimes be as unsightly as the litter itself. Benches and bollards can be a source of delight or dismay, depending on the care with which they have been designed, and maintained.

The Foster studio has developed, for the French firm JC Decaux a number of different items, including a bus shelter system based on two structural poles and glass panels; an updated version of the Colonne Morris - a rotating advertising drum with an elliptical attachment incorporating grit bins, benches, lavatories, a roof canopy and electronic information systems; and a city boundary sign.

These have now been installed worldwide in cities as far apart as New York and Bordeaux. One thousand bus shelters have already been installed in Paris.

Sketches + Drawings

Facts + Figures

  • Appointment: 1990
  • Client: JC Decaux