Lord Foster, chairman and founder of Foster and Partners, today represented Wembley National Stadium Limited, Multiplex Constructions (UK) Limited and the World Stadium Team a collaboration between Foster and Partners and HOK Sport - at a time capsule burying ceremony at Wembley Stadium.

As a unique reminder of the successful delivery of such a huge and exciting project Lord Foster has re-drawn and updated his sketches made originally in August 1999 to show his concept for the Wembley arch alongside the original mast design. These sketches were used to convey the new arch idea to the client and engineers who approved them at the time.

Lord Foster said We approached the design of the new Wembley Stadium with the ambition to offer every fan and visitor an experience that would be unique and memorable. These original drawings represent the work of our team and the process involved in successfully delivering this vision. Wembley is a huge and exciting project that is already a striking presence on the London skyline. The arch can be seen as a triumphal gateway and a strong symbol for the new stadium which will build on the heritage and traditions of the old Wembley to provide invaluable memories for future generations.



Client: Wembley National Stadium Limited

Construction: Multiplex Constructions (UK) Limited

Architects: World Stadium Team - a collaboration between Foster and Partners and HOK Sport

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