22 December 2005

David Nelson, Deputy Chairman of Foster and Partners, has been appointed to the Steering Committee of the Photovoltaic Technology Platform within the EEC.

The Photovoltaic Technology platform has been running for the past 8 months and has been created to promote the development of all aspects of the Photovoltaic industry. It aims to encourage the rapid growth of a world-class, cost-competitive European Photovoltaic sector and ensure Europe maintains industrial leadership.

The Steering Committee has a long term (30 year) aim for Photovoltaics to provide up to 5% of all energy consumed (this is equivalent to all the power used in Germany and France). It oversees a series of Working Groups that concentrate on policy, legal and political strategies, education, information and market development, science and technology and the developing countries. The Committee is composed of 20 high level decision-makers representing all relevant European PV Stakeholders and will ultimately decide how the EEC research budget for Photovoltaics will be spent.

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