- The structural concept for the 425 Park Avenue tower arose from the analysis of the project brief and the desire to provide extraordinary office spaces over the full height of the tower.

- The cores are set back from the centre to provide deep flexible spaces, and to define the public ground plane. The city’s planning requirements define a series of setbacks from Park Avenue. The structure simply connects the resulting volumes, providing both vertical and lateral support in a single system.

- Columns along the front elevation support the front of the floor slabs vertically. As they descend from the top level, they reach the first change in volume, where they bifurcate and connect to the core. They bifurcate once more at the second change in volume.

- These two connections coupled with the rear cores provide all of the vertical and lateral support to the building. There is no need for hidden trusses or outriggers, the entire structure is a clear manifestation of the building volume.

- Foster + Partners provided the structural concept and competition design.

Client: L&L Holding Company and Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
Site Area: 27,940 sq ft
Total floor area: 560,000 sq ft (approx.)
Building Height: 31 Floors, 855ft/260m to top of structure
Competition/ Concept Engineer: Foster + Partners
Engineer of Record: WSP



Datos y cifras

  • Adjudicación: 2012
  • Ingeniero estructural: Foster + Partners concept design
  • Ingeniero de M+E: Foster + Partners concept design