Yale School of Management - Interiors

New Haven, USA
2007 - 2014

The new Yale School of Management (SOM) Campus unites the SOM’s faculty departments together at a single location for the first time. The building has been designed in response to an integrated curriculum that has the potential to reinvent business school education. The four-storey, highly transparent building contains dynamic, flexible teaching and social spaces, arranged around an open central courtyard to reinforce the interactive quality of the educational ethos. The building is characterised by its glazed facades that encourage a direct interface between break-out and formal teaching spaces. From Whitney Avenue, two classroom drums and spiral staircases are visible between the slender columns that support the roof canopy, while the social spaces and café are placed at the heart of the building, facing inward to the central courtyard. The auditorium, with an executive meeting room above, defines one curved facade of this landscaped square, directly opposite the library and main entrance. Encouraging a sense of cohesion, the design establishes visual connections between levels by varying the stacked undulating floorplates.

Location: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=41.311111, -72.926667