Katharine Hamnett Shop - Interiors

London, UK
1986 - 1987

Housed in a converted car repair workshop, Katherine Hamnett’s former London showroom was set back from the street and reached via a bridge of illuminated etched glass panels – an approach designed to conjure up some of the theatricality of the catwalk. One of the interior challenges was in incorporating smaller scale elements, such as changing areas, within the large, stripped-back space. As a result, changing rooms and storage facilities were hidden behind mirrored panels, adding to the sense of drama and emphasising the size of the triangular volume. The space was brought to life by a combination of side light from the old industrial windows, which were re-glazed with translucent white glass, and strips of glazing in the roof. At night, the roof lights were illuminated from outside to provide a gentle background glow, supplemented by moveable spot lights on tracks which enhanced the structural geometry of the space.

Location: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.49405,-0.16916