Providing laboratory, office and social spaces for 700 academics from the Schools of Humanities and Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, the Clark Center is strategically located at the heart of the campus, between the core science and engineering buildings and the medical centre. It acts as a social magnet for the University, encouraging students, lecturers and researchers from diverse disciplines to mix. In striking contrast to the traditional laboratory facility with its closed rooms and corridors, the Clark Center is open and flexible: external balconies replace internal corridors and laboratory layouts can be reconfigured at will. All benches and desks are on wheels and can be moved to allow ad hoc team formation that can respond easily to fast-evolving research needs. This versatility is further enabled by workstations that plug into an overhead unistrut system of exposed services and flexible connections.

Facts + Figures

  • Appointment: 1999
  • Completion: 2003