In a synthesis of vision and detail, every element of the Carré d'Art, from furniture, to the colour palette and materials, was considered as part of a whole sensory experience. To draw daylight into the lower levels, the plan is centred on a top-lit atrium, with a cascading glass staircase. The use of transparent, reflective materials allows daylight to filter through the building, and the industrial qualities of the glass and exposed concrete are complemented by a soft natural palette of wood, leather and fabric upholstery. Working in collaboration with manufacturers, the lighting and furnishings were custom-made for the project – and testament to this commitment to quality, the building’s original timber elements have lasted for more than 25 years. The project also integrates a number of works of art, including a mudwork in local clay by Richard Long and a sculpture by Elsworth Kelly.

Facts + Figures

  • Appointment: 1984
  • Completion: 1993
  • Client: Ville de Nimes

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