Kaplankaya comprises a 250-room resort hotel, 124 serviced apartments and 37 residential villas with an iconic yacht club that forms the sea gateway and dual-hub of the resort with the hotel. Touching the ground lightly and stretching over the sea, the yacht club acts a beacon for the development from the sea, and its striking architecture sets the standard for the rest of the scheme. The building’s delicate roof forms are designed to catch the prevailing sea breezes and direct them into the spaces below, an example of passive cooling that is used throughout the site. Every element of the scheme is designed to be specific to its microclimate. The 37 villas are divided into three main areas, with an architecture specific to each - Mediterranean villas are cut into the contours of the landscape and use thermal mass for insulation; tree house villas touch the valley lightly, allowing breezes to rise up from below to cool the spaces; and Pavilion houses are inserted discreetly amongst the denser landscape.

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